Navigating the Intersection of Work and Mental Health

Work & Mental Health

Career + Anxiety Specialists

We address the whole picture,

Solving for career problems without considering family, friends, social constraints, community, spirituality, health, and other values will lead to suboptimal solutions. We take a whole-person approach to work issues. 

integrate into your real, daily life,

We ask clients to work both in session and between sessions on homework that is collaboratively developed between client and counselor.

deliver services where you are,

While many of our services are delivered in offices 50 minutes at a time, we deliver organizational and individual services online, via phone, with mobile applications, at client sites, and globally using new technologies. 

& go beyond just listening

Our counseling is directive. While we hope we are also good listeners, we know clients come to us to take action. We'll be kind and therapeutic in our delivery but we will tell you what process changes you should try to get unstuck.