Navigating the Intersection of Work and Mental Health


In our simple online store, you can buy small career services packages for loved ones or some useful tools for improving mental health. 

We do not sell mental health counseling services via the online store because no matter how much you may WANT to make a loved one go to therapy, they have to want to go themselves. Additionally, there are privacy considerations, determining whether our services are a good fit for the client, etc. If you want to pay for a loved one's counseling, please let your loved one know and once they're working with us, we can arrange that. 

Career Consulting and Coaching Resources Shop

If you've ever thought of purchasing some career consulting and coaching services for a friend, family member, or yourself, this is the place! In addition to the regular services described elsewhere on this site, we offer some discounted packages that bundle career-oriented services together. You will also shortly find a link to purchase Work That Grounds You, our career counseling workbook that is included in all three bundles below. 

Jumpstart Session and Resume Review

Jumpstart Session and Resume Review


Help get someone started with career counseling with a one-hour consulting session in the office or via phone/video conference along with a brief review of and feedback on their resume, LinkedIn profile, and one cover letter. We also include an electronic copy of Work That Grounds You, our career workbook with this package. 

Purchased separately, these services and the workbook would cost approximately $500. 

At minimum, this package can provide a bit of advice and direction but it could be the beginning of a deeper exploration, depending on the interests and needs of the recipient. 

Don't forget to review our policies on named recipients and transfer of ownership before finalizing your purchase!


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Playfair Consulting provides both career counseling and mental health counseling services. As such, we are bound by legal and ethical codes that do not apply to other unlicensed "coaches." One of our key obligations is to protect the confidentiality of our clients which means that if you purchase a services package, name a recipient of that package, and then change your mind, only the RECIPIENT themselves can name a new recipient or negotiate to trade services credit for something else. 

Once purchased, we do not accept returns on any services packages because it is difficult to initiate a return without compromising confidentiality of a recipient who may not want the purchaser to know they did not use the services. 

Sessions with clients in Oregon and Washington can include mental health counseling. Sessions with clients in other states must be confined to tactical job search issues, given state licensing laws. 

All services packages purchased on the website must be used within one year of the date of purchase.