Navigating the Intersection of Work and Mental Health

Resume & Networking Help


Personal Approach to Career Tools

Tools are where some career coaches start but for us, they're the icing on the cake of career counseling. Yes, we review resumes, help write LinkedIn profiles, make cover letters more compelling, develop networking strategies, and help our clients overcome fears of reaching out to others. For almost all clients, these types of services should be done in the context of a broader understanding of the values that drive their lives and careers and not in isolation. 

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Resumes & curricula vitae

Resumes and their more elaborate cousins, CVs, are still important tools for most professionals. Which format is right for you depends heavily on your industry and professional background. There are as many opinions on what makes a good resume as there are people who read resumes. We help our clients develop resume strategies that fit them, highlight their skills and expertise, are easy to maintain over time, and are classic in style. No one knows the secret to the perfect resume or CV that will unlock all opportunities but we will help you avoid common mistakes and develop a document you can be proud of. 

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LinkedIn profiles

Whether you're a lover or hater of social media, LinkedIn is a platform most job seekers should feel comfortable using, whether they choose to use it or not. We can help clients of varied experience, set up a LinkedIn profile, configure privacy settings according to their goals, write compelling profiles, connect with valuable contacts, and use advanced job search functions available on the platform. 

Ideas beyond "networking events" with strangers

Ideas beyond "networking events" with strangers

Networking strategies

The idea of professional networking strikes fear into the heart of most job seekers. While traditional "networking events" may be part of some folks' strategies, they are FAR from the only way to meet other professionals who may be able to give you a leg up on your job search.