Navigating the Intersection of Work and Mental Health

Organizational Counseling

Teams + Relationship

Organizations Can Be Anxious & Stressed Too!

Counseling and therapy aren't just for individuals, couples, and groups. Organizations can also benefit from the same techniques to help reduce workplace anxiety, improve communication, enhance performance, and support employees more thoroughly. If you've been feeling like your team or organization is suffering from lack of direction, stress, burnout, or anxiety, we can help! Founder, Katie Playfair, spent years transforming technology teams into high performing agile/Scrum teams before getting clinical training and licensure. Today, she uses that experience along with counseling skills to provide deeply effective coaching to teams.

  • Defining organizational vision

  • Product and project management training

  • Agile and Scrum training/coaching

  • Sales process and sales people development

  • Building effective teams

  • Designing client services processes

  • Improving morale and company culture

  • Conflict resolution between employees, investors, and customers

  • Corporate mindfulness training and coaching

  • Counseling and coaching for individual employees

  • Executive coaching and interpersonal skills development

  • Empathic communication training

  • Workplace conflict management