Navigating the Intersection of Work and Mental Health

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety + Stress

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an evidence-based behavioral therapy we use to address both acute stress and longstanding anxiety disorders. It integrates well into career counseling and business coaching because one of the key parts of this therapy is helping clients deepen their understanding of and connection to, their personal value system. ACT is transdiagnostic, meaning it targets the processes underlying many disorders using the same core processes. It is also a therapy that can be used for improving mental wellbeing in the absence of a diagnosis.

While ACT is our primary treatment approach to anxiety and stress, some clients would benefit from a new and more specific technique called Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT). RO, as we call it, is appropriate for more persistent disorders of overcontrol. When clients have a history of “treatment resistant depression/anxiety” or other particular presentations, we may suggest this approach to distress.

Issues we treat:

We have specific training and experience using ACT and RO-DBT to treat generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (and the related disorders, illness anxiety disorder, trichotillomania, and skin picking), insomnia, concerns of new parents, and a variety of life transitions.