Navigating the Intersection of Work and Mental Health

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety + Stress

Anxiety, Stress, Exhaustion

Stress is stuff that happens in the outside world like getting chased by a tiger or being on a work deadline. Most of us do ok with stress unless it's really bad or it goes on for a long time. Anxiety happens when either stress persists for a long time or when your mind and body react like they are stressed, even when the outside world feels pretty safe. 

Counseling is valid for both stress and anxiety. Whether you're a little stressed or suffering significantly, our counseling services for individuals can help you improve your mental well being. 

Our approach to mental health counseling draws from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Both are behavioral therapies designed to help you APPLY what you learn in our offices to your real life. 

Issues we treat:

Generalized anxiety, social phobia, specific phobias (blood, spiders, bridges, water, etc.), PTSD, OCD, career anxiety, relationship issues, parenting issues, mood disorders, seasonal mood/anxiety issues, marital problems, caregiving stress, pregnancy-related anxiety, stage-fright, health anxiety, insomnia, other sleep problems, body acceptance, increasing healthy behaviors, and a whole lot of related issues we forgot to list. 

Who do we work with?

  • We work with adults, 18 and older but occasionally make exceptions for older adolescents who would benefit from adult counseling approaches.
  • We work with people of both sexes and multiple genders.
  • Unfortunately our offices are not fully wheelchair accessible due to a 30" door to the restroom and insufficient ADA restroom features but we will make all possible accommodations for clients with disabilities and mobility concerns. 
  • We welcome clients of all races, ethnicities, and national origins. 
  • Clients of all sexual orientations are served in our offices. 
  • We support those in both monogamous and nonmonogamous relationships. 
  • Our goal is to make counseling available to people of all socioeconomic statuses by making sliding scale fees available as possible. 
  • Basically, other than being adult counselors, we are welcoming of people from all walks of life who are experiencing anxiety, stress, or work issues.