Navigating the Intersection of Work and Mental Health

Methods of Delivery

Flexible Delivery to Fit Our Busy Lives

Traditional Counseling

When most people think of counseling, they think of meeting with a counselor in their office every week or two for approximately an hour. We do this and in fact, if you plan to use insurance or your Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) for counseling, we probably have to work together in this way. Traditional counseling is delivered in 30, 45, 60, and 90 minute increments, with 45 and 60 minutes being the most common. 

Traditional in-office counseling is billed as follows: Initial diagnostic evaluations (90791) are $200 and sessions after that are $75 for 30 minute sessions (90832) $135 for 45-60 minute sessions (90834 & 90837), $200 for 90 minute sessions, and $225 for 120 minute sessions. Each client gets a basic resume and LinkedIn review as part of their first consultation. 

Video Counseling

Another common delivery model for counseling is online real-time video counseling, conducted much in the same was as traditional in-person counseling but rather than in your counselor's office, it occurs on a secure online video-conferencing platform. Many insurance companies and EAPs now cover online video counseling, much in the same way they do traditional counseling services. All of our online video services are billed just as traditional counseling services are. If you call your insurance company to find out whether they cover video services, ask them if they cover the codes listed above (90791, 90837, 90834) with a GT modifier. 

Please note that we can deliver video counseling only in the states we are licensed - Oregon and Washington. 

Online Counseling and Coaching

In some cases, it is appropriate to augment traditional or video counseling and coaching with additional online services including email and "chat" therapy. In other cases, it may be appropriate to do most coaching work via email or chat after an initial video or traditional office meeting. Our delivery model is flexible and we make these services available to our clients with fair, transparent agreements on expectations and rates.

Additional support hours can be purchased for $135 per hour or for your insurance company's negotiated hourly rate for code 90837.