Navigating the Intersection of Work and Mental Health

Individual Services


Rates for Individual Coaching, Consulting, & Therapy Services

The scope of our services includes both medically necessary mental health therapy and other counseling/coaching/consulting services designed to support clients in other non-medical ways. We have developed the rate sheet below along with some estimated times to complete common out-of-office consulting tasks, to help you budget for counseling services. 


Mental Health Therapy

Medically-necessary therapy sessions are often considered reimbursable by insurance. They must be delivered by licensed mental health providers in our offices or via secure video conference and only to clients in Oregon and Washington. Following each session, clients will be provided with a coded bill that contains all information necessary to submit a claim to health insurance companies.

Diagnostic Intake Session (CPT 90791) - $175

60-Minute Therapy (90837) - $150

45-Minute Therapy (90834) - $125

30-Minute Therapy (90832) - $75

Therapy For Crisis - First Hour (90839) - $175

Therapy for Crisis - Ea Additional 30 Min (90840) - $100

Non-Medical Counseling and Consulting

Counseling’s scope extends well beyond treating diagnosable mental health conditions. Some clients simply need someone to talk to who is not part of their daily life to provide additional support and perspective. We perform supportive counseling, small business coaching, career counseling, and other counseling services that do not meet the definition of “medically necessary” under this category. 

All services here can be delivered completely flexibly upon mutual agreement of counselor and client including via phone, text, email, video conference, or in-person. Please note that invoices for these services will not include CPT and ICD-10 codes necessary to seek insurance reimbursement. 

Initial Wellness/Career Consultation - $150

Wellness Counseling 30-50 Min - $100

Wellness Counseling 16-29 Min - $60

Brief Consults up to 15 Min - $30

Out of Session Services

Many of our clients find it helpful to have our consulting staff provide perspective and insight on a variety of issues outside of scheduled meetings. Naturally, we can provide advice only from the perspectives of counselors or consultants and these services are not a substitute for appropriate legal, accounting, or other professional advice. It is typical for clients to set a budget for out-of-session support. By setting budgets and clear expectations for these services, clients remain in control of what they spend. 

Common Support Services and Durations

  • Assistance with resumes, cover letters, CVs, and LinkedIn profiles

    • Initial reviews can take up to an hour total for one resume, one cover letter, and one LinkedIn profile.

    • Major overhauls/rewriting of documents can take up to an hour per document.

    • Cover letter edits often take approximately 15 minutes.

  • Reviewing job offers, providing advice on negotiation, and assisting with wording for negotiation

  • Coaching on non-medical counseling/consulting homework between sessions

    • Often, two or three support emails per week can be answered for one 15-minute charge (interim support plans will be agreed to ahead of charges being incurred).

  • Modeling introductions to colleagues or help with networking

  • Research and referrals to other professionals to help with work-related issues that may be beyond the scope of our team

  • Consultation with client medical team members for non-medical counseling/consulting services (these are included with medically necessary therapy services)

$100 per hour and will be prorated to the nearest 15 minutes