Navigating the Intersection of Work and Mental Health

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Delivering a Personalized "Career-Thinking" Framework

Quality career counseling should be focused on more than making the decision you're facing right now. Our goal is for you to leave career counseling with a system for making career decisions that you can use for the rest of your life. 

Most people are wrongly taught that to solve a problem they're facing, they should concentrate all of their effort on solving it. The problem with that approach is that hyper-focusing on a single domain in life tends to sub-optimize other important life domains. 

If clients go into career counseling focused only on their careers, they may make decisions that hurt their personal relationships, community roles, leisure and recreational engagement, and personal health. We take a whole-person approach to career counseling by first understanding your value system across multiple life domains. Career counseling then proceeds on that foundation of what your whole life is about. It doesn't take much more time than traditional methods but it yields much more value. 

Clients should expect to finish counseling with a career-vision and plan along with an idea of how that career fits into the context of their broader life. We also build clients career-growing skills so that they can continue to "career-plan" for themselves, after counseling is complete. 

We help clients choose areas of study, find any jobs (survival), find great jobs, plan for retirement, search for work-life balance, advance careers within or between companies, manage parenting/work conflicts, reenter the workforce after prolonged absence, move geographically, choose new careers, and cope with physical and psychological health concerns in the workplace.