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What is your stance on psychiatric medication?

My goal as a therapist is to help people live full, meaningful, fulfilling lives that have room for the entire human experience; good and bad. Medication can be an important part of achieving that full engagement in life, for some patients. 

I am a counselor and I am not qualified to prescribe or recommend medications. That said, there are times where I have suggested or insisted that someone seek the opinion of a qualified prescriber, such as a psychiatrist, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, or primary care physician, as to whether medication may be of benefit to them. 

There are some conditions where medication is necessary, others where it is helpful, and yet others where it is potentially harmful. If you are in therapy, it is great to set up a consultation between the person providing your counseling and the person prescribing your medication so they can coordinate care to make sure that the therapy and medication are supporting and not undermining each other.  

So I suppose I am pro-medication or at least, I am not anti-medication. If a biological intervention can assist a person in achieving greater engagement in life and their qualified health practitioner agrees that it is a safe and potentially effective tool, I am fully supportive of the decision to use it.