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Why can't I be normal, like other people?
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Why does everyone else seem to have it together while I am falling apart? I want to feel happy like everybody else but I feel sad. I wish I could relax like a normal person but I cannot stop worrying and planning for things to go wrong. Why do I keep sabotaging my relationships while other seem to have no problem? What is wrong with me?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 26.2 percent of all American adults will suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder, in any given year. About 9.5 percent of the population will suffer from a mood disorder while 18.1 percent of the population will qualify for the diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. 

This means that for every four people you run into, at least one was, is, or will be suffering from enough pain this year to warrant a mental health diagnosis. Remember too that these figures account for the percent that will qualify for a diagnosis THIS YEAR. Over a lifetime, the numbers are even higher. 

Given these facts, what is "normal?" It can be frightening to acknowledge suffering and even mental illness as "normal," because we confuse acceptance and acknowledgement with approval and resignation.  

Perhaps we can learn to acknowledge our suffering without approving of it. We can relieve pain without fighting it. We can live vibrantly with mental illness without curing it. We can be completely normal and completely in pain at the same time and the bright spot of hope in that is YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

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