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Non-judgmental reflection to start 2015

It's that time of year again: The stores are stocked with New Year's resolution deals and health clubs are ready to take your money so that you can exercise the heck out of January and February, just to quit by March. Let's try something different. 

Everyone has a story - what do you want your's to say?

Everyone has a story - what do you want your's to say?

I am going to ask you to imagine that someday a book is going to be written about your life and people who are important to you are going to read your story. It is a biography so you can't alter the details of what has already happened to you thus far in your life. It is already written. You might have regrets but since there is nothing to be done about the past, you can only focus on what is and what will be. 

What do you suppose this book will say about you starting with today? How many pages are left and what do you want them to say? They may say things about your romantic relationships, your family, friendships, work, things you do for fun, things you do for your health, your involvement in your community, spiritual engagement, and things you did to educate or improve yourself. 

This story begins wherever you are with whatever you have. It's a biography so it can't be too far fetched. It is just a story that you will be proud of, in terms of what happens from today on. 

Try to start 2015 without judging the past and without feeling like you have to change anything in this next year. Notice your story and acknowledge what you would like to happen in the rest of your book. Also know that stories are complicated and they don't tend to turn on a dime but we can steer the plot if we're aware that we are writing


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